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Stop Using These 10 Words to Describe Yourself on LinkedIn

Words you choose to describe yourselves do make an impact. Or do they? Every year LinkedIn comes out with the top 10 buzzwords used by more than 396 million LinkedIn users across the globe. Read more

Will An Infographic Resume Get You The Job?

You are your resume. A good resume makes you stand out among hundreds of other similar candidates. It is your personal branding material. It is no surprise that job seekers across the globe come up with crazy ideas to grab the attention of employers; some branded and sold themselves in eBay, some made publicity ...
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LinkedIn – The Ultimate Personal Branding Resource

With over 396 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network. LinkedIn has developed itself from being an online resume to a rich, customizable personal branding tool within short span of time since its inception.

LinkedIn as a personal branding tool

A LinkedIn profile is ...
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